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Loud acceleration suddenly?

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Another Cruze issue. I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze that I purchased certified from a dealer in 2014. It now has 72k miles on it. All of a sudden I noticed that the car is louder when I'm accelerating - it's a regular engine noise, just louder. It gets lower/quieter when I take my foot off the gas, and higher/louder when I accelerate. It is quiet on neutral. It also doesn't seem to matter if I'm in automatic mode or manual, and doesn't change volume or pitch when the car changes gears. What the heck could this be? It's like a low "hmmmmmmmmm". The power doesn't seem to be altered, and otherwise the car drives fine, but it's incredibly annoying. I've already had massive transmission issues with this vehicle and had it completely overhauled at the dealer, so I'm fairly confident that it's not the transmission. Any suggestions?
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Here's a video of the sound. It's louder towards the middle and end of the video
Nasty site. It tried to trick me into installing something.
Oh I'm so sorry! I'll try and find a better video hosting site. I've never shared a video on a forum before
Gremlins ... those lil critters are everywhere! They've invaded my G8 now
It's kinda hard to hear in that video, but it's basically just loud engine noises. It's just a kind of whrrrrrr when I accelerate and lower growl when I take the foot off the gas.
Have you checked your exhaust.
1978 Fleetwood practically drove me nuts, maybe it did, how would I know? Loud squeal whenever I hit the gas pedal, sounded like the rear main bearing was going.

With all four wheels off the ground, having a trusted person put the car in gear, with partial brake pressure to put a load on it, finally found the problem, of all things, the flywheel cover was making that terrible racket, bolts were just about a quarter turn loose.

Were using 1/4"-20 bolts, replaced those with 3/8"-24 bolts with toothed lock washers for a permanent solution. Just saying since your AT was replaced, you may have loose bolts.

For what little warranty work I had done on my Cruze, always find something wrong, bolts not property torqued, those push pin plastic rivets are missing, cable or hose clamps not properly installed. Go back to the dealer and just request the parts I am missing.
Thank you very much! I'm outside of warranty now, do you think if I brought it into a dealer and explained that I had warranty dealer work done and a noise has developed they'd take a look for me without charging me an arm and a leg?
They say it never hurts to ask, what they don't say is the answer you get may kill you.

Also have be very careful with whom and what you ask. If she says yes, may end up with a life of misery and go broke in the process. Quite a bit more than an arm and a leg.
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