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It was 10*F when I started my Eco this morning after sitting in similar weather all night. The engine made a lot of ticking noises. Injectors, lifters, it sounded like a bunch of marbles rattling around in there. The cacophony subsided as the engine warmed up. Later when it was warmed up, it was its usual silent self.

It's not unique to this engine either. Our Fit's lifters can be heard from 30 feet away on a very cold morning. That car is also running the recommended full synthetic 0w-20, so it has enough oil pressure and flow.

My brother's minivan with the 3400 V6 sounds like death warmed over on cold startups. From the piston slapping you'd swear that engine was going to chuck a rod any second. Nope, it's a typical slap-happy 3400.

If those 20k miles were during warmer weather and the noises go away once the engine is warmed up, it's perfectly normal.
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