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Low heat on drivers side fans - what gives?

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Hi everyone!

I'm new here and it seems like you have an awesome and very active forum here which is awesome.

So I just bought my first real car, a 2012 chevy cruze with 1.8L Gasoline engine here in Finland. The weather is starting to come down, and I noticed that the driver's side heaters aren't blowing much heat, but the passenger's side is blowing what ever you set the temp to. The cooling system seems to work decently in both sides - it blows really cold if you set it to, but just not hot in the driver's side.

I tried reading these forums, and going through the different modes and temps but nothing really pushes the hot air to drivers side. Oh, and it is not always blowing ice cold, it just isn't warm. And it's not limited to a specific fan - it's every fan in the drivers side, including the left windshield fan, door window fans, left front and leg fans.

Do you have any idea what might be the culprit, or what to look for? Is this is a common problem in this model, or in newer cars in general, and if it requires service - is a big operation?

Thanks a ton for your help and let me know if I can provide some other info or tests :)
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Double check your engine coolant level. Check the owner's manual for where the coolant should be. What looks adequate is actually low.

I've seen suggestions that low coolant will affect the driver's side more than the left.
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