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Lower MPGs w/ Trifteca after AEM intake install?

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So I've had the Trifecta tune installed on my car for quite a while before I did any mods (2014 Cruze LT MT), and was averaging according to the DIC at least 38mpg per tank and some times higher. Now that I've installed my intake, its reading anywhere between 33-35mpg, where the best I've seen is 35.6mpg average. This is under the same exact driving conditions, fuel, etc.

Before I installed the intake I e-mailed them at WOT to see if I needed to have my tune customized for the new intake and they told me the tune includes different fuel maps for the increased air flow from the intake so I should be fine.

From every other case I've read on the forums people are either seeing their mpgs roughly the same, if not even improved with the intake installed... so what could be causing the issue with my car?
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Colder air = denser air, which requires more fuel to run at the desired AFR. Therefore - fuel economy drops.

If the tune was having trouble, it would actually be running lean, so fuel economy wouldn't really suffer.
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