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I finally got around to lowering my 2017 Hatchback RS last week. I really wish I would have looked through these forums more thoroughly, as it would have saved me a ton of time. Nonetheless, I got it done and saved a bunch of money doing it myself -- though most of that will go towards a new windshield... more on that in a minute.

First, I had just swapped out my stock 16" wheels for some 18" wheels that you can read about here: Upgrade to 18" wheels

Now it was time to install the Eibach pro kit lower springs. By far the hardest part of the whole endeavor was taking off the freaking windshield wipers. I obviously didn't have the special puller tool that would have made it a breeze, and instead tried everything in my garage to pry them off. I watched a handful of YouTube videos demonstrating the method of putting the bolt on and using a hammer. What got me in trouble was trying to use a hammer like removing a nail from the wall... on the windshield side. The second I applied pressure, I heard the crack. It took a few minutes for the tiny crack to work it's way up to being visible. By the end of the project it was about 16" long. Now it goes half across my windshield. 🤦‍♀️

Anyway, I finally got them off by just relentlessly wiggling and prying. Once those were off, the rest wasn't too bad... until I had to take off the bolt and the end of the strut while holding the torx post in place. I don't have a passthrough ratchet set and looked everywhere for one in my area. I drove to about 6 different stores and no one had a set that came with a 21mm socket. I turned my attention to finding a box wrench. I found a 21mm at AutoZone but it wasn't angled sharp enough, so I couldn't get it all the way in. Finally, after looking for about 6 hours, I found a standard set at Harbor Freight and was able to get a good lock with the 13/16".

Once I got that off, the rest was a breeze. Took me about two more hours to swap everything out and put it all back together. Then I moved on to the back, which was also really easy. Completed the rear springs in about an hour.

I love the way the car looks with a lower, more aggressive stance. I agree with everyone that has said it's how the car should have come from the factory. I haven't noticed any difference in drive quality, good or bad. I'm sure a more astute gearhead could tell a huge difference. The only thing I've noticed so far is being lower at drive-through windows. 🤷‍♀️ I do have better grip when cornering, but I think that's likely due more to new tires than the springs.

My advice for anyone wanting to do this: get a windshield puller and make sure you either have a box wrench in 21mm or 13/16" (with a pretty steep angle) or get a passthrough ratchet set with that size socket. Everything else was pretty seamless as long as you loan a set of spring compressors from AutoZone or O'Reilys. An impact gun would have made the whole thing go a lot faster, but it wasn't too difficult doing it all by hand either.


Stock before new wheels, tires, and obviously being lowered.


New wheels and tires but before installing the lowering springs.


Fender gap with stock springs. 🤢


Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs. They literally just come with the springs and nothing else. YouTube and this forum is the only way to get through this if you haven't done it before.


These are the rear springs -- old on top and new on bottom.


Here are the front springs. As you can see, there's a much bigger size difference in the front springs when compared to the rear. Old on the left and new on the right.


This is the box wrench from AutoZone that wasn't angled enough so I couldn't get around the bolt. Once I grabbed the one from Harbor Freight, it wasn't too bad at all.


This is right after I finished. They've settled a bit since then, but not too drastically. I LOVE the new look!


It's crazy how much of a difference wheels and lowering springs make. To me, the first picture above is a boring family economy car good for commuting... now it's a sporty hatch that looks fun to drive.

Next up is a tune. I haven't decided between TRIFECTA and BNR.


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Looks great man!

Bummer about the windshield. Channel locks and wiggling always works for me. Something to think about next time you need to remove the cowl.

And yeah agreed on the look and feel of the Eibachs. It would be great if that was stock or offered as a stock option, rather than having to go the GM performance part route which requires the aggravation of another dealer visit. I understand this car wasn't marketed as a performance model though so I guess it is what it is. And yep, offset wrench is key here. I was pretty annoyed when I did mine too that nobody mentioned this in any video or forum post that I could find. I think after the fact I found like one person mention it in passing in the middle of a huge thread. Pretty important information so it's frustrating that something like that wasn't said from the start on any install. Ah well. Glad it worked out for you, enjoy the ride!
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