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Recently, my gen 2 cruze’s clutch has been sticking to the floor. Sometimes it work. Perfectly, sometimes there’s absolutely 0 pressure and I can’t even drive my car, and sometimes it can be pushed in and will retract slowly or not at all. This just started happening after getting like a foot of snow for several days. Has anyone else had transmission, clutch, or gearbox problems in their manual trans cruzes?
Although I know this may be a late reply, I had the same issue. Sometimes I could pump it after the car was off and it would work instead for me to drive the car to the dealership. I would have to turn the car off put it in first gear started unload the car to lunch forward and float. Gears without grinding coming to a stop man. I would have to turn the car off and repeat the process ended up being a slave cylinder first day blended. It worked for about 5 miles and then I came back the slave cylinder unfortunately as you probably know it was located inside the bell housing, which was about $4000 for me to get replaced.
1 - 1 of 110 Posts