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Hey guys,

So I need help from you LTZ owners, unfortunately the LTZ is the only model that comes with disc brakes all around. I have confirmed with GM that my rear axle is the same used in the LTZ and has the slots and everything to install the same calipers used on the LTZ, I have an LS by the way. I have also confirmed the master cylinder is the same, so by the sounds of it all I need is the calipers and rotors and the hardware. Unfortuantly the stupid GM dealer won't look the part number up unless I have a LTZ VIN. I keep getting the same parts guy and he always tells me he can't look up parts without the VIN and it won't show rear brakes with an LS VIN...:uhh:

Anyway, my luck at finding stuff online has been slim and I don't want to order the wrong parts for a large sum of money and not be able to return.. I haven't looked in a while though. I was hoping some of you LTZ owners could get the part numbers for these and let me know? I am sure I could find out the rest from there. Or if you know of someone who has a wrecked Cruze LTZ in your area and would be willing to ship the parts to me I would be more than willing to pay you..

Thank you for any assistance!

Cruze on!
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