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Hello guys! I've been a lurker for a couple months now but figured I would finally introduce myself. I'm from southeast Ohio and I bought my 2014 2LT RS Cruze last November and have enjoyed it ever since. I also work as a service technician at my local GM dealership which is where I got my car. I look forward to being apart of the community here!
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Welcome, we can use all the G.M. Service Tech's we can get! We used to have a Chevy Service Manager from Texas. I hated that guy, very condescending ~

If you like a challenge, we鈥檙e diagnosing my new 2017 hatchback in this thread.

Brand New Cruze Premier Hatch Engine startup noise

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Welcome @eagles121, glad to have you and belated congrats on the Cruze.
Welcome to the forum officially!
Welcome to CruzeTalk!
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:
Welcome! I'm a newbie too. Look forward to contributing.
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