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Mah Cruze Build

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Sup everyone, I've been working on my Cruze for the past couple of months and it is almost to where I want it to be. This build has been fun, long, and tested my patience but everything comes with time and I love my Cruze. My Cruze is 2011 1LT and I have plenty of pics and I'll try to help and give details on what I added to my Cruze.

Here's my list of the mods in order of when I added them to my Cruze:

-Seat Covers FH-FB102112 Classic Cloth Car Seat Covers Gray / Black color: Automotive

-70% tint in the front ( cause CA :/ ) 20% tint in the rear

-Plastidipped the lower front bumper

-Carbon Fiber Bowtie Overlays
New Black Carbon Fiber Chevrolet Cruze Emblem Logo Mark Front Rear Sticker | eBay

-Mud Flaps
FM for 09 10 11 Chevrolet Cruze Bumper Side Fender Mud Guard Splash Flap 4P New | eBay

-3M Gloss Black Vinyl Roof Wrapped
3M Gloss Black Vinyl Car Wrap 1080 Scotchprint 48" x 60" 20 Sq ft G12 | eBay

-Lip Spoiler
Chevrolet Cruze 2011 ABS Trunk Rear Lip Spoiler Painted | eBay

-Carbon Fiber Antenna
3" inch Real Carbon Fiber Antenna Stubby Billet Aluminum Black for Car Truck | eBay

-LTZ Wheels and Tires
Purchased from a member from here

-Center Cap Carbon Fiber Overlays
4X Carbon Fiber Wheel Center Hub Caps Emblem Sticker Chevrolet Chevy Cruze BT5 | eBay

-Wheel Locks McGard 24137 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (M12 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4: Automotive

Thanks for checking out Mah Cruze Build, I plan on Plastidipping the wheels Gloss Black next week and hopefully get a K&N CAI sometime in the future, thanks again!


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I wish I lived where you did, that way I could still do stuff to my car and not worry about it being covered in salt and snow 24/7 lol. Keep up the good work man, I'm liking it so far!

Just Cruzin'
Thanks Trevor! I am definitely spoiled by the Cali weather everyday, props to you for being able to deal with snow, I know wouldn't be able to haha
Oh you should see my car right now..horrible we keep getting hit with all this snow then slush lol. You are welcome by they way. Anyways back on track now, get to it lol.

Just Cruzin'
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I hear ya, saving money is a good thing lol..coilovers would look nice with the way you are going right now.
It'll be a nice touch really, and no are you kidding me? I wish! Where I live the pot holes and washboard roads would just tear my car up if I lowered it an inch or two lol..that's a con about living out in the country with nothing but farming equipment all around you lol.
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Digging it man! Have you thought about dipping your spoiler black too or would that be too much? Lol

Just Cruzin'
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Hmm I'm debating on springs or coilovers. It'd have to be something that I can easily remove for winter though lol. I want low bad lol.
Dang your white turned out great! When I did mine it had bubbles everywhere, it just didn't look good at all lol. Thumbs up man!
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Okay I just hoped I wasn't the only one lol. I was so mad so I just did it in black haha. Keep up the great work man !
Been a long time since I've seen your log, you've done a beautiful job with your cruze man I am jelly
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Glad to be back, looking at your cruze now makes me feel like I've done nothing with
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Well not really just have some white eco wheels I've had bad luck with a stereo system in my car and tore it all back out, working on an exhaust build right now and saving money for new wheels next year other than that..nothing as much as you lol
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