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Making lemonade from a lemon

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I ended up with a 2012 chevy cruze. I was helping a friend, saw nice looking cruze and bought it. At the time I was overwhelmed by things in going on in my life. So it was a rush buy without really going though my good look over of a used car. The car I thought was fine, slow but nice. Then of course engine light came on, and tire pressure sensor. So after I finally got life under control. It was time to fix the little cruze. Check engine light. Mass air flow sensor. Changed it and came back. That's when I noticed a lever not hooked up under turbo heat shield(waste gate actuator),then also noticed turbo solenoid plug off. Connected both, and wow car had some power now. Check engine light gone for now. Don't know why or how got disconnected, but have noticed whoever worked on this car wasn't such a good mechanic. Tire pressure sensor, all I can say is buy ac delco part, the cheap replacement no good, lesson learned. Check engine light again, evap leak, low cat efficiency, and lean bank 1 codes. Fixed those, and going well now. I'm actually liking the car and was going to sell it, but instead I'm going to mod it and make lemonade. I have mod build on different thread on here.
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Nice story with happy-ending...
Good luck...with your lemonade!
Thanks, squeezing the lemon now, adding sugar (mods), and water(fuel). So hopeful for the best.
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Bad but good. I can tell turbo is on its way out, but I was in progress of replace in anyway. I know turbos quite well. I hear a swish noise at idle. So I believe the bearings are going out. The swish noise is compressor blades just skimming the housing. Again lemon, just need to get new spoon, to make lemonade.
I hate to say anything, but I have a very dependable 2012 mazda 3. As I work out the lemons I admit that I'm liking the cruze. Might actually get rid of old reliable.
More lemons...after changing out turbo, had a coolant leak. You would think from the turbo coolant lines. Nope, found it today. A pin hole in the coolant recovery tank. I just laugh about it really, and ordered new tank. Not giving up, I know I can make lemonade
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Got some more sour lemons..valve cover started to leak so I replaced it, sort of. Found two stripped threaded bolt holes. Heli coiled and got it all squared away. Im replacing some of the coolant hoses for turbo and water pump. Small coolant leak, hopefully I'm done with the mechanical stuff so I can move on to appearance stuff.
Impressive. What mileage are we talking about?
Thanks, 124000miles. Still a bit sour, needs more sugar (money). Luckily I can do my own work on the car.
I'm happy to report that I think I got lemonade..the car has been running really well, still a couple issues. Need to change evap canister valve, and getting too lean bank one still. Hopefully after I change fuel injectors that will go away too. I slightly modified car so it is definitely fun on road. Also did appearance upgrades tinted windows, carbon fiber wrap accent. I'm going to modify just a little more, for just a bit more power and I will be done. Couple more spoons of
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