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Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor Location?

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[h=2]Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor Location?[/h]I dont know if we have one, I cant find a good engine breakdown. Saw the sensor listed on RockAuto.
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The sensor is located on the back on the intake manifold. It is slightly hidden by a metal bracket and the sensor is held on by a single bolt. It is number 9 in the parts breakdown.

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Thanks for the reply, I pretty sure that is the map sensor is it not.
This is whats coming up as rock autos sensor I cant see where its located.
Rock auto does not have the MAP sensor very strange.
After seeing some of the things that Rock Auto has listed lately for the car I think they got ahold of Alldata or a GM Service manual and sourced every part no mater how obscure.

I was looking for some O rings when I changed the transmission fluid, they had all the internal parts to rebuild it listed, but no O rings for the drain and fill plugs. I liked their site much better when it just had things that someone who would work on their own car might need. I don't think there are many folks the want to DIY an automatic transmission rebuild.
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Oh, to stay on topic, that's what I cleaned when I cleaned my MAP sensor. It was black and pretty fuzzy on the inside. The car seemed happier and the mpgs bump up a little afterwards. I believe that was about 10000 miles ago and I'll pull it agin this weekend with next oil change just too have a look. I deleted the car a couple of weeks ago so it should stay clean now.
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I found it they call it the Air Intake / Charge Temperature Sensor, 55568175.
Definitely the Map sensor.

55570092 Intake Manifold Differential Sensor, still dont know where it is located.
That sounds like the temp sensor that's in the pipe between the intercooler and the throttle valve. I pulled that one when I had to change that pipe, but I don't remember what it looked like. If you pull the computer off the side of the battery you will see it.
That sensor calculates the soot level of the dpf. 'Manifold ' differnetial pressure sensor is a pretty misleading name.

Yes it loops around the entire engine. Yes its silly.
Thank you Snipesy.
Cheers to all.
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