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I have a 2010 Holden Cruze 2.0 Diesel(Korean Built). The car is manual (5 speed). All was well till the other day, i went to shift up to 3rd and it grinded. I tried double clutching it and still grinds.

That's the first issue.

Secondly, last night I made a right hand turn at low speed(20kph - 10mph) and hit a traffic island. The car continued for another 10kms. Then all power to the wheels was lost suddenly.The car coasted to a stop while i went through all gears to see if any of the gears worked, nothing.

i can start the car and put it into any gear (yes 3rd still grinds), release the clutch and the car sounds like it's trying to move but nothing.

Strange part, i jacked the front end of the car up and put it in gear and released the clutch and the wheels spin. the speedo and everything work as though the car is in motion..........

what could the issue be? PLEASE HELP
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