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Manual gear shift moving in 1st gear

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I own a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze Eco with the manual 6-speed transmission. I ordered the car from the factory as the dealer didn't want a manual transmission equipped car on his lot. The car has now 77,486 miles. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the transmission shifter moves back and fore in 1st gear. If I accelerate in 1st gear, the shifter moves aft about one inch. If I decelerate in 1st gear, the shifter moves forward about one inch. I do not believe that this condition is normal, especially that it has not existed for the previous 4 1/2 years I used the car. Aside from this anomaly, the gear shift and the gear box work properly and very smoothly.

Can someone inform me of what is going on? Is there something broken with the mechanism holding the 1st gear in position? Does this need to be fixed immediately? Would the dealer have any idea what to do?

I will appreciate very much any response which may help clarify what is happening and I thank you very much for your cooperation.

Georges Hebrant
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My first thought is engine mounts.
My second thought is linkage, cables, two of them clamp down in front of the console.

Ha, historically 1939 was the last years the stick when directly into the transmission, and linkage was not a problem in American cars, but the British were still doing this in 50's-70's cars. Putting the stick on the steering column introduced linkage problems. Augmented with FWD, really a long ride clear up their, so had to be adjusted and lubricated frequently. AT's only need one cable, MT's required two.

Sure don't need a screwdriver any more to open the console, get yourself a plastic pry bar. And get yourself a spray can of lubricant.
Did you figure out this problem? We are having the same issue with a 2012 manual transmission cruze we just bought.
No, so far, I have not figured out what causes the manual transmission gear shifter to move back and forth in 1st gear. Based on the second reply, this might be due to linkage or cable.
Is this forum monitored by factory technicians who could shed some light as to the cause of this shifter movement and if it is a serious problem? I would really appreciate the opinion from a technician/engineer very familiar with this design of the gear box and shifter linkage. Thank you much!!

Georges Hebrant
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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