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Manual shift pattern - shifter position moves to the left but returns after shutting

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2012 Chevy Cruze Eco 1.4T
Manual 6-Speed
No Mods


I am looking for guidance on what to check for the following symptoms. On a fresh start up my car's gear positions are just as they should be. I back out out of the driveway just fine, first gear and all initial upshifts are normal. When I come to a stop and shift to neutral then all my gear positions shiuft to the left and reverse is no longer possible. I have to use the reverse lockout trigger to get to first gear ( or second when downshifting), 3rd is where first should be, 6th where 4th should be, etc.....

If I shut the car off and restart it everything returns to normal but then while driving it the shift pattern will again shift to the left. Any ideas what is going on here??

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Welcome to CruzeTalk. I awarded you the 150,000 mile badge.

Moved to Service Issues.

I do have a question on your description, are you actually leaving the shifter in the centered neutral position or just holding the clutch down while the shifter is in a gear?
Welcome to the forum! I have not heard of this issue before. The gear shifter in my manual Cobalt felt and behaved slightly weird after it had sustained front end damage caused by a red light runner, but not quite like what you're describing. However it was a 5-speed and may have been different. Sorry to hear you're having these issues.

Has the car had any major engine/transmission work done to it, or has it been in any accidents?
My guess would either be a shifter or shift cable issue. With that many miles, have you lubricated your shifter or shift cables? Have you changed your transmission fluid?
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