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First time Chevy owner from oNtario Canada. 2014 Chevy Cruze. And let me tell you. As much as I love the car. I am currently being put through **** with the service department and Chevy customer care.

The problem started at 25k KM's. I noticed an issue with the start up making a grinding noise every time I started the car. I took it in for oil change and to check it out. They could not find the problem. I took the car back again at 35k KM's for the same thing. An oil change and to look at the problem. They said they still couldn't find it. Finally I took it in a 3rd time at 45k KM's and now and only now Chevy is telling me I have clutch material that is plugging up my starter due to a worn clutch. Here's where I am having the issue. Chevy will not take it apart to assess if the clutch is wear and tear or if it is a manufacturer issue. I am at a cross roads here. The car is still under full warranty and Chevy is refusing to assist in any matter and putting the onus back on me the driver (been driving standard for almost 16 years now)

As I sit here reading on the forum all the other owners having the same issue as me I am baffled that Chevy is wiping their hands of any responsibility here. Where is the customer care in all of this?

Also as recent as yesterday the car is now making a new noise. No idea how to proceed.
I'm a single independent male trying to make a living for himself. I thought buying a new car would mean reliability. Had I known this would be an issue I would have purchased a used Honda (my old used 1996 Honda went 250k km until it needed a new clutch)

I don't know what else to do or who to turn too
I've talked to 3 different Chevy customer care reps who no longer return my calls or provide answers as to what my opinions are here.

Where is the customer service in all of this?

Chevy what are you going to do to help out your customer here???
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