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Well, if I read you correctly, you admit to not being one who should mess with things under the hood.......and, you are wise not to if you are unsure of yourself.

There are several other things that can set off a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) code so you must not assume the sensor has could be trying to tell you there is a vacuum disruption causing it to receive information that is incompatable.

I'm going to recommend a Chevrolet dealer for this one, because.......and this is only an example: The MAP may be getting bad readings due to a small vacuum leak that is developing in the PCV valve.
The valve is incorporated into the cam cover assembly and is not serviceable.

Because it is part of the cover, it falls under a 5year 100k powertrain coverage that your car may still be covered in (time).
If so, no charge to you.......but only a dealer will know where to look, so.......

I might add, if you purchased this car from a Chevy dealer you might consider a GM (only) service contract based on your admitted limited knowledge regarding car repair.......Something to consider.

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