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All members are eligible and encouraged to enter! Entries must be made by May 20th. Voting will begin May 21st, and end on May 31st.

The winner will receive:
-A $25 discount code from Bad News Racing
-A pair of Diode Dynamics' HP3 license plate lights.
-A COTM badge and a reserved place in the "COTM Hall of Fame".
-NEW: Your car will be featured on the CruzeTalk Facebook page.

Contest Rules
Make a post in this thread with the following Information:
Descriptive Thread Title: ie: John's Featured Cruze
Submission Name: John Doe (Full Name Optional)
Location: State, City
Info: Car Year, Make, Model, Trim
Stock Options: XM, Onstar ....
Modifications: (Separate Categories: Exterior, Interior, Engine, Future plans, Other info: {shows/awards won})
Display up to 10 "QUALITY" and well deserving images following the text above.

Entry Rules: You must be the owner of the Cruze you are submitting. 10 images max.One submission per member per month. Past winners may enter again after 6 months from the original winning date.You will NOT be added to the voting thread without a submission in THIS thread.

No discussions in this thread. Just submissions.

Admin reserves the right to amend these rules as necessary, at any time

Members that are still on their victory lap:
November Smurfenstien
December DKovac12
January EricSmit
February MClatterbuck
March JoesphRyba
April BigEarn86

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Descriptive Thread Title: Jay's 2012 Cruze LS
Submission Name: Jason Beddingfield
Location: Columbia, Illinois
Info: 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LS
Stock Options: XM, OnStar, Manual Transmission

Exterior: Plasti-Dipped *1LT* Wheels, Grille, Front & Rear Emblem Borders & Lower Bumpers, *CRUZE Logo* & Taillight Trim Piece.
Interior: Kenwood KDC-HD262U, Audiopipe APCL-3002 & 2x Audiopipe TS-VR12 in an Atrend 1.25" per chamber sealed box. Scosche Wires. Random air-freshener.
Engine: Stock; Plasti-Dipped Spark Plug Cover.
Future plans: Eibach Lowering Springs (Local member is selling them)
Other info: Daily compliments from strangers & other Cruze owners.
(*-Added info I forgot)


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Descriptive Thread Title: Big Jay's Baby Blue
Submission Name: Jason Gomez
Location: Queens, NY
Info: 2017 Cruze LT Manual Hatchback w/ RS and convenience package
Stock Options: XM, Onstar, mylink touch screen with carplay, heated seats, push to start, power drivers seat, back up camera
current: Debadged, AEM cold air intake, and Flowmaster force II axleback
Future: short shifter, bnr or trifecta tune, blackout bow ties, black rims


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Stock Option:
OnStar / Back-Up Camera / Remote Start / My Link Touch Screen / 6-Speed Auto / 1.4T
Exterior: Debadged / Malibu Turbo Emblem / Fam Bam Decals FTW!! / LED Back-Up Bulbs / ZXE Headlight Bulbs / 15% Tint / Custom Dual Tip Exhaust
Interior: IPhone6 Ultragauge Blue / LED Interior Bulbs
Engine: MPFab Intake / AMSoil Dry Air Filter / Honeycomb Air Straightener / ZZP Catless Downpipe / Forge BPV / NGK BKR7's (0.024") / XR PCV Kit / DDM Works TB Spacer / DDM Works Coil And Turbo Covers / BNR Tune (21psi, 11.6:1 AFR)
Dyno: 166.97whp / 203.91wtq
1/4 mile: 14.96 @ 93.9mph (Beech Bend Dragstrip DA: 558)

She might not be a 6speed manual, gettin' 50mpg, lookin' clean, slammed on some twanky-ass-twankies, but I dare any local tuned, bolted, Cruze to come my way and line up for some triple honk action with this daily driven queen. I'll keep posting until I win this COTM challenge, because I can never win with my stock looking 45th Anniv. on the Camaro Forums. :(

Finally got a smashing launch when ambients went up to 90*F

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Land vehicle Vehicle Chevrolet cruze Car Chevrolet
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