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Maybe time to let my 14 CTD go

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Possibly putting my 14' CTD out to pasture. The kid limped it home after doing some more damage underneath. Not sure all what's broke. It currently doesn't start.
Fuel gauge is busted, but it drove for a little anyway.
Loaded up scan tool and I got a christmas tree P0463, P069E, P11D7, P128E, P20EE, P22A1, P22FE, P2453, P0087, P059F.
My first assumption is that she ran it out of gas too.
Scan tool says last limp mode reason of "overheating".
Front grill actuator fins are roughed up and were out of place.

Do I put humpty dumpty back together again? I was literally running quite fine a few weeks ago, but not sure I got the stomach to give it a full bill of health again.
176K miles.
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Well, your first problem is running out of gas. Running out of diesel would have been infinitely better.

These are very tough little tanks of a car. Especially the diesels. But at 176,000 miles you’re really looking at a project car. And that time and effort may be better invested identifying and remediating the root problem.

Whatever you decide, you have to ask yourself what you’d replace it with? And can it withstand the rigours of service that your application requires?

I’ve factory ordered two 9C1 police vehicles. 1988 Caprice 1999 Tahoe Those were built for severe service. Maybe something similar would be a good fit for your needs.
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I will say: ours said the last limp mode was "overheating" when the EGT #2 sensor took a ****. It was a mile from home, on the way to work, so the coolant temp wasn't even off the bottom of the gauge yet.

What the hell happened to it? A lot of the expensive, hard to get, stuff on this car is on the bottom, which does not sound promising...
Might be time to replace it and ban the kid from driving your car if they are gonna treat it like garbage.
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I was thinking that same thing. ^^^^

Your kid doing a little "offroading"? Id be pissed....and she would be paying for the repairs, then riding a bicycle for a while....
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Thanks for the replies. Still debating the options. I'd be in a better situation if I could get it to start. Pretty odd to me that it would go from running to won't crank.
Might be time to replace it and ban the kid from driving your car if they are gonna treat it like garbage.
I agree with this.
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I've had it run of of fuel twice. Both times took effort to get the air out. Start by putting in at least ten gallons. I filled it up the second time and that makes a big difference. The in tank pump needs to prime itself quickly to reduce how much air gets toward the injector pump. Putting in too little like even 5 gals isnt near enough and a common mistake.

I use a shot of starter fluid and then it only needs to quick over a few times to prime the injection pump. My starter died shortly after the first time so keep cautious with how much you're cranking.

The car is very hard to overheat if you thermostat is good and the fluid topped off. Ive had the fuse pulled to the rad fan for months and never had a problem. Diesels run much cooler than gas cars.

The AQS shutters are dumb and useless. I discarded mine and removed the motor from the shutters and it cleared the 069E code as long as the motor part is plugged in. At each start up the motor shaft does a jig to cycle and it does it while ziptied to the window washer bottle.

I suggest checking your timing belt. It goes in limp mode and eventuall wont start and gives many errors if you hop a few cogs. No damage to the engine if only a few cogs off.
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