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MDF Speaker Baffle

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In June, I'll be building an order of MDF baffles for the Cruze. MDF baffles or speaker "rings" are used to mount speakers securely to the door in a way that won't rattle. These baffles will allow you to fit a 3" deep speaker on our doors while clearing the door panel. The baffles are coated with a 50/50 mixture of wood glue and water to prevent water absorption.

Baffles will be sold for $65 shipped per pair and will be custom built to the specific cutout diameter your speakers require. All prices in this thread are for shipping to 50 US states.

The kit will include:
- One pair of baffles for your specific door speakers.
- 12 self-drilling sheet metal screws for mounting to the doors
- 12 black coarse thread #6 screws for mounting speakers to baffles
- Two strips of speaker gasket tape for mounting speakers to baffles
- Two strips of speaker gasket tape for mounting baffles to doors

Installation will require drilling holes into the baffles to mount the screws and driving the self-drilling screws with a drill/driver.

- JerryGash (Silver Flute baffles & big 3 kit)
- Nightmistx22 (Silver Flute baffles & big 3 kit)
- grtpumpkin (Silver Flute baffles)
- cruzer1026 (Silver Flute baffles)
- renaku4 (Silver Flute baffles & big 3 kit)
- dhpnet (Silver Flute baffles & big 3 kit)
- flex014 (RS180 baffles & big 3 kit)

Reply to this thread if your name is not listed above if you want to order a pair specifying the inner diameter you'll need.

Note: If you want a Big 3 kit with your baffles, I will discount the big 3 kit by $10.
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Hi @XtremeRevolution, I am interested in these baffles if you want to try to get another group going. I would like to upgrade the front speakers sometime in the coming months.

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I know the Baffle sale is done, is anyone still making these? I don't have a workshop looking to possibly buy a pair. Xtreme I would be grateful if you could share the specs with me if you're no longer selling them. I believe I can get away with making them with a dremel.
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