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Hey guys, finally worked on my car. All of this work took about 2 and 1/2 hours to complete it.

-- Mercedes-style LED tail lights already wired for US Cruzes
-- One of the members (CruzeLTZ-RS) on here sold his Cruze and he had these tail lights on his car. He already did all the wiring so unfortunately I can't help you guys out with the wiring part.
-- Love the new look, looks so much better than the stock tail lights in my opinion
-- Didn't take took long to un-install the old and re-install new tail lights. The longest part was removing all the trunk liners.

-- Completely de-badged the emblems. Need to figure out what to do with the hole, either make a new emblem or leave it alone.
-- Definitely gives a much cleaner look
-- Removal process was pretty easy but does require some muscle

-- Changed out the ugly antenna for a clean VG Shark Fin Antenna style.
-- Definitely looks much better than a skinny boner sticking out of the roof
-- Installation took less than 5 minutes

Side by Side comparison:

To Do:
-- Install Mercedes style rear diffuser
-- Install Mercedes style LED DRLs
-- Figure out the front grill to remove the bow tie

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Very nice work!! Looks sharp!

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There's no need for wiring help given that the Technostalgic tails are out.

Even though I'm not a fan personally, they do look good. Really clean mod, and I cant argue with changing up the stock tails.
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