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Middle of replacing Radiator for MT and realize I have the one for AT, is that OK?

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Just like the subject says, I'm in the middle of replacing the Radiator on my 2011 Cruze ECO and I realized the new Radiator I ordered is for an Automatic Transmission, because it has the two extra holes with fittings for the transmission coolant. :(

Can I still use this Radiator? I assume so, I just need to cover/plug those "holes"... or do I?

I'm not sure what the design is... do those "holes" have access to the main coolant area of the radiator? Or do they just flow from "hole to hole"?

What would you do? I really don't have time to return it and get another one. Do I at least need to cover the holes? This may sound crazy, but I thought about just stuffing them with part of a "shop type paper towel" and then taping over them with duct tape (or some other more appropriate tape), because I can't find any type or "fitting" that I could use to cover or fill the holes. But is that even necessary? Can I just ignore them?

Sorry about asking so many questions. I'm really just expecting/hoping there is a simple answer to all this. Most of the questions are intended to "explain" what I'm thinking and what my problem is, than they are questions that I expect an answer to. Anyway, I'm going to take it around to the water hose, so I can run some water though it and see if I can figure out how they "tie in" with the regular coolant storage (hopefully they dont!), then come back and see if anyone has any advice. If you do, it would be VERY MUCH appreciated!

(I'm literally at the point where I am ready to "install" the new radiator and put everything back together. This is my largest mechanic project for sure. I have only done Oil Changes, Brakes, Hose Replacement, Starter, Alternator, belts, etc. That type of stuff. So, if my question and/or suggestions of how to deal with it sound like a "NOOB", its because I AM a "NOOB".) :)

Thank you!
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Awesome! Thank you! It did come with some rubber "fittings" that fit inside the holes, but not tight enough, so I'm not sure what they were for?? It turns out the Radiator is supposed to be for Automatic OR Manual Transmissions, so I ordered the right thing. I just lost the "sheet" that probably tells me what those two "rubber fittings" are for. LOL

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