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I am a new member to cruzetalk from Texas area. Previously an owner of 2013 jetta tdi 6 sp(avg. 49 mpg). Just went through the buyback program with volkswagon and plan on purchasing a 2017 cruze diesel 6 sp. as soon as they are available. Was told by local chevy inventory manager that production was to begin first week of April. Am anxious to get back into a high mpg vehicle and out of my chevy pickup(20 mpg). Looking forward to learning and trading info on the newest cruze diesel.
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:
Welcome! There are some manuals out there. I was able to test drive one. Chevy did a great job on it.
Welcome to CruzeTalk!
Welcome aboard!
I guess I can't speak to the 6sp specifically, but I know there were a few CTDs in dealerships in March. Are you saying they're going to start making the manuals in April?

I'm also a TDI refugee. I turn in my 09 Jetta on Friday and my diesel Cruze is on order.

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Welcome to the forum
Hello and welcome to the forum! Glad to have you join us. Lots of very informed members on here with a wealth of information, so you've come to the right place! Enjoy your time here.
Waiting in que

Placed my build order about a month ago. Diesel 6sp leather interior Artic blue medium gray interior. 6 sp was available then. I have no use for automatic as I am interested in max mpg as I commute daily 60 miles round trip.
I also want high MPG but I also need a car my wife can drive. When we got married I had a new beetle manual. She refused to learn to drive it. So it's automatic for me and I don't hate it.

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