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Minor electrical issues after replacing my driver side window motor

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I own a 2016 chevy Cruze LT. I am the only owner, bought it new, it's under 36k miles and the only major things I have done to it is replaced the battery a few years ago and more recently replaced the driver side motor since mine broke in the middle of a car wash (boy was that fun). Ever since then I have had minor issues. My interior light is programmed to auto turn off after 30 seconds once I get into my car or when I lock it. using my key fob, if I lock my car the interior light stays on, if I lock the car using my lock button in my car it will turn off like normal. If I double lock my car using my key fob, the horn will not beep but probably every 12th try. I have tried replacing my battery in my key fob and used my spare (Which I have only used once years ago when I locked my keys in my car). Both still end in the same results. I also have the indication on my dash telling me to roll my window all the way down and then back up every few times I start my car. I have disconnected the battery and cleaned any acid off to "reset" my car, and nothing just seem to be working. I understand these are very minor issues but I still would like to get this fixed.