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Whole pcv system went, dealer replaced intake manifold and cam cover. Now I'm getting a random miss going up a hill doesn't happen every time and I'm not getting a cel. 4th or 5th gear around 45mph between 3-4k rpm. It starts bucking hard. Like I said it's not Everytime I can't replicate it and its simply random it will buck and feel normal for a sec and buck about 4 times total and it's back to normal again. I was on cruise control and just let it buck today in hopes of a cel but nothing. 2016 limited 1.4. Any idea what this could be?
Changed plugs for ngk coppers about 2k miles ago gapped at/around .28 if that means anything. TIA

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I’ve had the same thing happen to mine, it turned out to be a cracked/chipped exhaust valve. But the misfiring on mine wasn’t intermittent like yours. Once mine started, it would miss all the time and run like crap until I fixed it.

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