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I am really starting to regret this purchase. As a quick refresher, I had always had manual transmission issues, some you guys have had (notchyness), but now its getting over ridiculous. From the moment I got my car brand new I had complained to the dealership that I could smell the clutch burning randomly sometimes on the freeway without even shifting and not touching the clutch. They said it was normal for a new car.

At 60k miles I was driving on the freeway at 60 for about 30 minutes, smelled the clutch for a while, then it went away. As I got off the freeway the clutch went to the floor and I couldn't shift into gears unless I let them sync. I got it to the dealership and they said "Your clutch melted because you were riding it." I was so pissed but I had to drive so I gave them $1800.

Now at 90k miles, same thing. Driving on the freeway between 60-80 for about 20 minutes, don't notice any smell, but go to get off the freeway and the clutch has half pressure. It still disengages and engages though. I start googling, seems like a master or slave cylinder might be dying. Not completely sure if its on my Cruze, but some people said they put the slave on the firewall and it can overheat and nuke itself. Whatever the case, I took it to another dealership that has been nicer to me and helps me more than the last (Keys Chevy p.o.s.). $2200 is what they said it would cost to fix because when they replace one of the cylinders, they replace the clutch, flywheel?, pressure plate, etc all at once. So that means all those Brand New parts I got at 60k miles can only last 30k?!
My 1997 VW Jetta lasted 159k to trade-in on its original all of those parts and I never had an issue!

Chevrolet customer service says there is nothing they can do, these are wear parts and because of that they must be designing them to last just over 1 year so they aren't in warranty.

Anybody have any ideas? Any Chevrolet public relations that would like to help on this and you guys can write it off your taxes as business expense? Anything?

Other serious things that happened:

Wheel hubs died at 30k - lol.
Leaky hoses and water pump.
Coil pack and spark plugs corroding and rusting from the inside out causing one cylinder to misfire.
Brake pads suffering catastrophic failure and cracking while having plenty of padding left.
And much more I can't think of off the top of my head.
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