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Most fuel efficient A/C use?

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Anyone know what the most fuel efficient way to use the A/C in a first gen Cruze?

I've read blogs saying Max A/C setting (recirculate) is actually more efficient than the regular A/C setting, which was news to me but made sense when explained. Does the Cruze mix hot air from the heater core when the A/C is on and temp control dial is anywhere other than coldest setting? I know different types of cars use different ways to do that, but that way would be the most in-efficient.

When I drive alone I only use A/C when needed, and turn off when accelerating or going up hills. When it starts cooling me off enough I switch it off (press button, keep vent going) then when I warm back up I switch it back on and basically manually cycle it as needed.

Anyone have more fuel efficient ways to operate it from a hypermiler's perspective?
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