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In city driving acceleration is obviously affected when the A/C is on, and I'm sure it hurts fuel economy some but I don't drive regularly enough in the city to notice it. On the highway there's a little power loss, but I can't discern any difference in gas mileage with A/C on or off.
I loose 6+ MPG with my cruze and now my Sonic running the AC in mixed driving, it seems to loose more in city stop and go driving than steady speed highway. At 55mph cruise set I've seen the same 6mpg drop as mixed driving, however there is enough unused power/RPM at 70-75MPH that I see no significant loss in MPG. it makes a big difference with this engine if your running under 1800RPM with the AC on vs 2400RPM+.

Another thing I noticed, if I'm using my AC I get better MPG if I also use a lower gear to keep the RPMs above 2000RPM, seems the ECU wants to run 1500RPM with the AC on around town making the car a dog and putting the engine under much more load in even normal driving conditions.
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