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moving the MAF sensor

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Hello, i am new to the forums and was hoping to find some help on this subject. I have a 2018 Cruze with the 1.4L and manual trans. it is a daily driver but i wanted to do some intake upgrades and the position of the MAF sensor is making that a bit difficult. could anyone give me some tips on how to/ if its a good idea to move the MAF to the charge pipe. and if anyone has experience on how to get some more sound out of the turbo without a tune as that is a bit out of my price range right now. any help will be great.
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An aftermarket intake will generate more sound from your turbo. They run 200-300 bucks. AEM seems to be the most popular.

Otherwise bnr racing makes an aftermarket wastegate but it requires a tune so you're out of luck there.
does the aftermarket intake allow for the MAF to be moved though? what would you recommend for a tune price wise? i want one but can't bring myself to spend $600 right now for the bnr tune since i also need the programmer.
They all include a place to mount your existing MAF. You just uplug your sensor and set it aside and then when you're finished installing the pipe, you bolt on the sensor and plug it in. I'm not sure why you are trying to move it?
I wanted to move it because of some of the intakes i was looking at but if you say the come with a mount already then that solves it, thank you.
Yeah you can see in these pics here that they bung is welded onto the pipe for both intakes. FYI these are the only intakes offered for our cars. Well besides the Canada only version that is offered through GM. Not much is known about that model though.
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