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MPG drop

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All of a sudden my MPG has dropped by 10mpg at cruise. I used to get 60 at 50mph. Now it's 50 at 50. Only major change was a new set of Walmart Goodyear assurance tires in stock size.
Is that the probable cause? We're the Oem Tires that much better?! Or is there a checklist to go through to find an issue? I'm at 55k miles. Mpg got worse at 45k along with the tire swap.
Any ideas?
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If you think a 5lb heavier tire isn't a variable then I can't help. It could also be sensors or wind or the fuel mix or the season of the year.
Tires are only variables when you put them on or take them off.

While they're on the car and maintaining steady inflation pressure, they're a constant.
Or, in other words, OP is not running alongside the car at 50mph switching tires when his constant velocity fuel consumption is changing substantially.
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