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? Mileage on Diesel Cruzehas been dropping.

Help suggestions:

2014 Cruze Diesel 19,000miles

My driving is 70/30 hwy./ town
I was hitting 43-46 mpg consistentlyon hwy runs 40-50 miles and now most of the time 37 to 40 on long road trips,same roads.
I live in dry dusty west Texas, I have ordered another air filter, comes in today.
I have used several fuel additives(lucus, seafoam)
I monitor the tire pressure;P.S. the electronic reading in the dash can be off a lot, use the tire gage!
Oil has been changed at Chevydealer 3 times
I have had hard shiftingwith 6 speed trans. From the start 400 miles, took to Chevy maint. team andthey say no problems.
Very hard shifting in 2ndgear when a little cold. Fine afterwarms up 5 miles or so

What do you think?

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