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MSR 095 black pearl wheels for sale

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Terms: I currently live in NC if you're willing to drive here, trade me your wheels and tires plus 400 dollars you can have all 4 black pearl 095 MSR wheels plus brand new sumitomo all season tires, I will also throw in my 18mm spacers
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Guys and gals these are the MSR 095-9831 black pearl PVD that are not produced today ..

I worked for a month talking back and forth with American Eagle Wheels this Forum and a Distributor to put a group buy to even be considered to buy these wheels ..AEWheels wanted a minimum of 72 wheels requested before a production run could be considered as the finish takes a given time criteria along with this specific bolt pattern drilling ..

Shoot ................
5x105 these wheels were made specifically for the cruze, still get compliments on them everywhere I go


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Wish you were closer. Would really consider them. If I may ask why are you trading for OEM wheels?
Am I correct they are 18x8 +42 and you used 18 mm spacers? So that would be like a +24 offset with the spacers. On both front and rear? Won't fit my diesel, but curious about the effective offset and any rubbing. What size tire?
Yes the size is correct. Unless you completely slam something at a high speed on the highway, rubbing isn't an issue
Wish you were closer. Would really consider them. If I may ask why are you trading for OEM wheels?
Going back to stock
What part of NC? Would you be willing to drive any south?
Lucama, NC. Negative have people willing to drive from Wisconsin for these
did you ever say what size tires these are? I like the wheels, but have no intentions of lowering my car.
18x8 +42 with 18mm spacers. I just took my coils off and it still looks good
sorry, again, looking for the tire size of the tires that are coming with the wheels. Not the wheel size. Are they 225/45/R18?
Apologies.. yes they are
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