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About a month or so ago my check engine light came on. I had it scanned at O’Reiley’s and it posted with six codes. After reading the codes and description I loosened the clamp and took off what I would assume is possibly an intake hose for the Turbo. (I’ll post a picture with it circled). I’m no car expert by any means so I’m incorrect please correct me. After slightly removing the hose and pushing it back into place after a few hours or so of driving it clears. But periodically it will come back and I will repeat to get the light to come off. I have no idea what the issue is possibly a bad sensor. Any advice is greatly appreciated. The codes are:

P0098- Intake Air Temperature sensor 2 circuit high ( confirmed)
P0236- Turbocharger/supercharger boost sensor A circuit range/ performance( confirmed)
P0237- Turbocharger/ supercharger boost sensor A circuit low( confirmed)
P1101- Intake air flow system performance(confirmed)
P2227- Barometric pressure circuit range/ performance
P1101 Intake air flow system performance( permanent)
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