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Multiple Codes P0324 Knock Sensor, P00B7 Engine Coolant, PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hi guys

Needs some big help from everyone. My 2011 Chevy cruze LT has been making weird noises for the past week or two from the engine. Got about 96,000 miles on it. I finally took it to my local mechanic to get checked out today. "Also due to the engine light finally coming on"

When the mechanic took a look and did the readings he got three codes.

P0324 Knock Sensor,
P00B7 Engine Coolant,
P057C Brade Pedal Sensor.

When he told me about the codes, he did some more looking into it.
The P057C he said "is obvious." Replace the breaks pads.

But the other two he is not sure about. He checked my engine coolant, and there was nothing wrong with it. Level was normal, no issues.
The Knock Sensor he is not sure what is wrong with that though. He checked my oil level, and it was fine. But unsure where to pinpoint the problem and what part to replace to fix the issue.

When I'm driving, it feels like the engine is working extremely hard, and has a little vibration to it. Engine noises is much louder than what it usually is?

Does anyone have any information that could help me, so my mechanic can figure out where to look for the problem and know what to fix?

Thank You

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Did this happen all of a sudden following a fill up? You might have bad fuel.
No not that for sure. The engine shouldn't be making weird noises like that because of some bad gas. Its been a few fill-ups since then.
OK, but a tank of Diesel could do some very bad things to a Gas engine.. for example. Your computer has an issue with the data from the Knock Sensor, either the connection is bad, the sensor is bad, the ECU is bad.. or you have some serious knock going on (which you do say there is noise, not sure if it is knocking, you should be able to tell).. if the ECU THINKS it is getting knocking, it will retard the timing to protect the engine, and stop the knocking.. which will make it gutless, and possible a different kind of noise.. so despite what you mechanic says, I'd be looking at that sensor.. I don't recall them being too expensive.. thought the rarely fail.. so check the wiring harness... it is not impossible for a wiring problem, and mice can chew threw wires overnight in some cases and case chaos.. or many other things.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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