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Multiple Error Codes, HELP!

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Hi all! This is my first time using this forum owning my 2013 Chevy Cruze LT, automatic, 1.4L purchased brand new in US. I currently have 30,210 miles on it and there have been numerous problems found earlier this month. I found a coolant leak, which the dealership replaced the thermostat after finding a crack and they filled my coolant. However, two days after, I was cruising along the freeway and all the sudden my dash notified me "Engine Power Reduced" and "Service Stabilitrak", my engine died slowly along the road. I had trouble starting the car as well. It would turn on, but it struggles sometimes to turn over. I went back to the dealership, they did not know what the problem was and wanted $1,000 just to look at it. I cited the coolant service but then told it was not the problem. I declined the "$1,000 service". Then I went to my local auto part store and I was given these error codes that came up: P0641, P0068, P0236, P0237, AND P0452. The car would not start for 30 minutes, not until I turned it "ON", pressed the gas pedal 5 times, "OFF" and then "START". At the moment I don't know what the problem is, neither the dealership where I purchased this Cruze.

My Cruze has been stock since day one, no modifications nor tampering. I spoke to several mechanics but they cited that I needed to take it to dealership. I'm not willing to pay $1,000 for them to look under my hood so here I am.
Any help is appreciated and many thanks ahead of time!
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Welcome, sorry to hear about your problem.

This may or may not be the cause but it’s usually recommended as a good place to start if you haven’t already done so.

Also make sure the battery is in good shape. If it’s over 3-4 years old, might be suspect as well. The electronics on this car are very sensitive to electrical variances.

Good Luck!!
Not too many Dealers ask you for $1000 just to look at your car. You might be the only one who has reported this type of charge. A Dealer will request a nominal fee, usually an hour of their time billed at about $120 an hour. They might just request half of that. Have you ever been asked for $1000 from any other Repair facility for an undiagnosed issue, I would hope not? I'd go to another Chevy dealer. The 2013 also came with a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty which might still be in effect, when was the Car first put into service
Give your dealership the Negative Battery Cable SC document Rivergoer referenced. You're describing the symptoms of this issue - this SC doesn't require the dealership duplicate the issue, just that the owner/primary driver reports these issues.

I would be looking for a different dealership - $1,000 just to look at the car is highway robbery.
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