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Hey everyone. Bought a 2015 Cruze 2LT RS on Nov 4th 2015 with 12,200 miles. As of today it has 26,524 miles.

My driving habits are aggressive. Haven't damaged the car. Every time I refill the tank, I reset the fuel used and trip 1 indicator to see how I'm driving.

So on to the problems.

1. If I hit the turns too hard, my power steering gives out and a message pops up saying "Service Traction Control. I won't get my steering back until I let go of the gas.

2. My fuel used indicator has stopped being accurate and recently, randomly goes down. So instead of saying 4.5 gallons used, it'll randomly switch to 3 gallons used despite me having used half a tank.

3. I turn my car on and it tells me to lower the driver's window and raise it. Once I do, the message goes away.

4. My radio will randomly turn off, reset my AC to being off instead of on, and go back to FM on a really loud volume level.

5. Turn car off and I can see my rpm dial show some form of life. The little level will bounce to about 200-300 rpm from zero and back really easily.

Now when problem 1 happens, all other problems follow with it.

When 3 happens, 2 and 4 happen as well.

5 has happened once but I thought I'd add it just in case.

Now, all of these problems started last Thursday. They are all new and popped up at the same time as each other. I'm not smart when it comes to technical car stuff. Sure I can point out a car and say it's this and this and comes with these features, but that's as far as it goes.

If anyone has any advice and can maybe help that'd be most appreciated! Thanks!

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