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Music files supported

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I have a 2014 Cruz and about to re-lease a 2017. My biggest drawback and concern is that there is no CD player and not even an option. I hate mp3s because of the sound (yes, I CAN tell the difference). I've tried listening to 320 rips and still can't stand them. It can't be that hard for Chevy to upload and update to the entertainment system to read WAV or FLAC files.... This is extremely important to me and I know most people don't care. However, if the ability to read other lossless music files is already in, then the option is there for those of us that can tell the difference. If most don't use those files, it shouldn't matter that, at least, the ability to read other files is there. People, like myself, who want full quality digital sound are losing out on A LOT! Either make the CD player an option or add the lossless music files to be read by the software. PLEASE!
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My suggestion is to load up a few USB drives and head for a dealer. I do know my G1 will read the AAC files created when I ripped CDs using Apple's iTunes. I'm not sure about the lossless variants.
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