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That's right everyone I have reached 15,000 miles using IntelliBoost on my 2011 Cruze 2LT 1.4L Turbo.

First off a special thanks to Vince, for without him the tune on the Cruze wouldn't be what it is today.

So what is IntelliBoost? In the words of Vince “Basically, it uses a proprietary method of estimating engine component and turbo loads, and uses this data to dynamically adjust the power levels. What this means is if you go out and beat on your car, once IntelliBoost senses the components are exceeding factory specs, it'll start ratcheting back the maximum allowed power until the components cool down."

Ok great, what else does IntelliBoost do? Well one of the great features of IntelliBoost is the ability to change the grade of fuel whenever you want. For example. In the summer when you do a lot of driving and you want the extra power you have the ability to run 93 Octane and get the power you want. Then say in the winter you know you won’t be horsing on the car and you want to put in 87 Octane? Go right ahead, No adjustment needed.

In my car I have religiously run 93 Octane since I bought it. It has been a great car and an amazing Tune. I currently have 15,000 miles on it and a great portion of them were on the IntelliBoost tune as I was the 1st person to receive the honor of BETA testing it.
Now we all know how anemic the factory tune was on the Cruze. Quite frankly…. It was just heartbreaking. Here was a car with great body lines, sexy curves, and a front end that reminded you of the late Pontiac G8. Getting into an LTZ gave you a rush of luxury, quality leather, heat seats, navigation system, and a chrome accented instrument cluster, something you would have only seen on a Cadillac or Buick 10 years ago. Yet the performance just couldn’t deliver. This is when I sent out on my quest to make it better. I hired Vince to take over.
It took a few sessions with Vince to get the tuned dialed in and the power maximized, but once we had it perfect…she was roaring. Never have I ever felt such a drastic change on an ECONO-BOX. GM should be ashamed to not have thought of this themselves. While the tune was engaged my little Cruze had a totally different feel. I could feel the torque pulling like an Ape that just got stung by a Bee in the ass. When the transmission shifted it gave me a “BANG” of surprise and put a smile on my face that only was followed by “Holy ****” as the curiosity took my mind over (how did he do this?)
While she was in her regular drive mode she performed beautifully as well. The weird shifting was near nonexistent and she got better gas mileage. That’s right. BETTER GAS MILEAGE. In the last 15,000 miles I have been averaging 29MPG around town and about 38MPG on the highway. EPA and GM said my mileage should be 26MPG and 36MPG. When was the last time you heard about a car getting better gas mileage than what’s on the sticker, or ever better, when was the last time your tuned vehicle has gotten better gas mileage than before you tuned it.
Now this IntelliBoost thing, does it work? Yes! It does, I am one to tell you that it really does work. When I have a day where I feel like I want to pound the daylights out of my car I can literally feel the car getting slower as IntelliBoost works to protect the engine. The harder I push the car the more IntelliBoost says “not right now you’re hurting me give me a minute”. Also I recently just switched from running 93 Octane fuel down to 87 Octane. Intelliboost has also picked up that I have done that and has adjusted accordingly. While I do feel a slight decrease in performance running the 87 Octane, it could just be my mind playing tricks on me; I have no doubts that IntelliBoost is doing its job.
I n conclusion, IntelliBoost is worth every penny you will spend to get it. After running it for 15,000 miles I will continue to run it until the car eventually leaves my life, which will not be for a long time my goal is to run this car to 500,000 miles before I give it up. Look for that review about 20years down the road.
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