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My 2013 Cruz Eco - 6 spd manual + rear vision for $17,800

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First car I've purchased in 25 years! Had an '88 Dodge Caravan with 310,000 miles -- hope to make the Eco a keeper. I think I got a great deal on the car. The only add on package was the driver convenience, because I really wanted the backup camera. I had checked prices online and was expecting to pay about 19,000. I'm a former AF Pilot, used the USAA Car buying service and they gave me names of dealers who would honor an $18,300 price for the Eco w/standard transmission. Talked to a couple of dealer, one threw in the convenience package at no additional cost!

Picked up the car last Friday (Rochester Area), and the dealer gave me an extra $500 for the Chevy Memorial Day sale.

I'm really happy and just love the mileage.



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