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My $6, 10 sec install, lighted cup holders

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Ebay, LED, $6 included shipping, just plugs into the USB port in the center console (and yes, it only turns on with the key). Just route it with the supplied groove on the top edge, I only use the front cup holder so no problem. Works perfect, a nice soft whitish glow.

While I was at it I made a plastic spacer to keep the sliding arm rest in place – it doesn’t have enough friction to hold in the forward position so this keeps it in place, about 3.5” x 2” x ½” thick (actually anything from ½” to 5/8” thickness will work). So that’s my total modifications to date. Sorry about the pics, black on black doesn’t show up so well. Jim

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Wouldn't want a cable just there for a light, it sucks enough that i have my phone charge cable there. :(
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