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My Audio Build

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Decided to add some bass to the car and wanted something that looks better than a bland box in the trunk...I also like to use my trunk. So I've decided to remove my back seats (also prevents me from being the carpool car) and replace it with a box. I've been working on it on my off days for a total of about 3 days. The plan is 3 12"s and a 3500w amp. I'll keep taking pictures of the progress until it's complete. Should be pretty loud. Not really interested in being the loudest thing around but I really didn't want the back seats anymore.

And as of today it's covered in a few layers of fiberglass. Still needs more before it's strong enough.

Covered in fiberglass shavings from cutting the rings out.

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you seem like you know audio i bought a jl audio 12 w3 and 1400 amp,to run it to the stock deck what would i need,would you guesstimate cost too
I like this a lot, can't wait for more progress
keep it up looks awesome. i can't wait to see the finished product
I really like what ur going for, I have been thinking about doing something like that but just don't know how, can't wait to see it finished
To jakkaroo, honestly I don't know too much about that part of the audio. My friend owns an audio shop where they build this stuff all the time so he knows all the numbers and wiring stuff. I've just helped him out enough to know how to build the boxes lol. I had my back seats pulled out of my G5 to do this with until I sold it. So I figured I can do the same with this car. Monday is my next off day so I can take more pictures and make more progress then. Thanks for the comments.
That is one heck of a setup! I think you will definitely meet your goal of adding some bass. I wish I knew someone that owned an audio shop, I only want to replace the speakers and a small sub but nothing is cheap anymore!
jakkaroo are you talking the cost for the equipment to install it or the price of a custom box being made and installed like that?
wow this looks like a really nice build...good job
Yeah sorry I've been too lazy too hook my phone to the comp for pictures. I'm headed out right now to fit it into my car to make sure I got everything right. I'll take more pictures and put them up late tonight.
What subs were you considering I'm curious? Amps as well......I would imagine with a setup like this you'll be investing in something good.
OK added some pictures. Was too lazy to put it in the car because it looked like rain and was really windy blowing dirt in my face. So here's what I do have. It's coated in fiberglass and a mix of that and bondo on the inside to strengthen a little. Maybe a couple more coats then it'll be ready to sand and the body work.
OK so finally put it in the car for fitment and everything's good. Some slight gaps around the curves against the side cushions but easilly fillable. Then cut the back out to re-enforce the inside walls easier. Next will be to make the rest of the box mounting to the back for more air space that will protrude into the trunk a few inches. Then it will be down to bondo, sanding, and painting. Still need to make the bottom piece for the amp and battery.

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It's coming along very nice. You're doing a great job! I'm thinking you're going to wire 3 12s to 4ohms? This would be ideal for me. :) I would have actually went with a 15 in the middle and 2 10s off to the side. I don't have the time, patience and money for it though.
I've seen a few boxes with different size subs together haven't really liked the way it sounds so I just went with the 3 12s. Not sure on the ohms, not my department, I just build the box lol.
here this should help you it has every combination of sub wiring

Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams
wow! this thread is very impressive!
Keep up the excellent work my friend.
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