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My cruze 1.4t's motor's motto is the song "wiggle" by Jason Derulo

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I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco 41K ish miles Trifecta tuned (the middle one, advantage? I can never remember). It's had the valve cover replaced, my spark plugs are gapped to .028 and it shakes kind of a lot, I think. I took a video. I do apologize for the relatively bad quality, I just took it with my phone. Here's a link: I have the intake resonator deleted, secondary cat gutted, DDMWorks Short Shifter, and a muffler delete. I also have stiffedned the motor mount with window-weld. (The mount wasn't bad, but, stiffer is better, right?) I'm really curious as to if this is normal or not. I've read that 4cyls can be a little shakey. I've only owned 6cyl cars (e34 bmw with LOTS of mods and a 2002 VW Jetta vr6). I'm sure there are a few other mods, but, that's most of them. I haven't done any electrical upgrades, however, I do have two LED strips on the inside of the car in my footwells (one for driver and one for passenger). Thanks for the help! I kinda hope this is normal for this motor, I also do need to datalog for trifecta, but, it idled rough before I trifecta tuned it, too.
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Did you only do one mount? When doing mounts it's best to use polyurathane sealant over the window weld that stuff is just too solid

Idling fine too me IMO

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It's a very small engine (typically a bit difficult to balance) with a low idle...normal for it to shake a little bit, but yours seems to be doing it a bit more than mine does.

Inline 4 cylinders are inherently a bit thrashy since they have a power stroke every 180 degrees of crankshaft revolution (more cylinders like a 6/8 = multiple power strokes going on at the same time = smoother running engines...and usually more torque/power). In a 4-cylinder, you'll always have 2 cylinders moving together, but only one power stroke at once, which creates a bit of rocking.

The stock motor mounts have a fair bit of flex in them to isolate vibrations and noise from the cabin (you may have ruined this a bit by filling the motor mount - though I am sure it improves how the car feels in between shifts/stabs at the throttle). I think it is well-isolated for an engine of its size at moderate RPM, but it is pretty loud at high RPM, and I find that the idle can be a little shaky if the car has a load on it at idle, like if the AC/rear defroster is on.
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