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My Cruze Issue

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Update : It seems I cannot post a update on my current thread post at ( ); so I will make the update here. Those who haven't followed my thread can look at the above posted link to catch up.

That being said, I just wanted to provide a update on the status of my car. I finally got to go pick my car up today which had been 2 weeks today since the car has been at the dealership for what the paperwork says "Missing Drain valve" in intake manifold. So the whole manifold was changed. Well I pick the car all washed & detailed & 3 quarts of oil added, from what it lost when I had it towed.

Well about 5 to or so miles into the drive before I could even get off on my exist on the interstate it seems the car started to throw blue smoke & sometimes randomly it would give out white puffs of smoke ( coolant level is normal no missing coolant ); so I just continue to drive & just say well lets give it a chance, so I continue to drive I get to a hill which require some pull some more push down on the gas, well the jerking starts again & the rattle, ping type sound & then blue smoke again & during this time of rattling or pinging sound I get no response to acceleration.

So I drive on home & look under the hood, I noticed a little bit of oil underneath the throttle body on the case of the transmission ( my initial issue from the main beginning ); so I say well its just a tad I'll clean it & move on. So I do & drive the car again & I am noticing its starting to puddle under there. Now oil usage I cannot tell right now until it drains down but I do notice its slightly better then before on oil usage maybe? I'll know more tomorrow on that,

So I am frustrated again my car 2 weeks gone & still no closer to a resolution, so I have called GM & they are taking the lead on this now & gonna see this gets fixed as this will be a '3rd' attempt & its unacceptable by them. So here I am again awaiting again & have to get it back to the dealership, I don't know if I want to drive it as I nearly got reared again tonight as I came up the pull on the hill & the car decided not to respond to acceleration & the car behind me nearly hit me in the rear. OH I want to add there was a couple things that happened #1). The engine light & Stabilitrak started blinking & message center said service Stabilitrak & then went off. So I drive around for awhile longer during the intermittent issue the car start jerking yet again then #2). The engine light started flashing & then went off.

Soo why would the engine light & the Stabilitrak blink & then go off?
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Soo why would the engine light & the Stabilitrak blink & then go off?
Stabilitrak is disabled with any number of engine issues. The actions of the engine light depends on the issue. Some cause the light to come on and stay on until a certain number of tests pass, for other codes it will go out as soon as the problem is no longer detected (but still still be in the history).
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