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My Daily Driver

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Im just going to keep this log for my car, as things get added.

How I got it from my parents:

First Mod lol. It was so nasty under it:

Much better, still have to wheel it out where it was rubbing the paint. Full decontamination and paint correction coming.

Snapped a picture while installing MSD, CruzeKit V3.3, and the Big 3.
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Looks good so far! Yeah those bras really destroy the paint.
Unfortunately I didn't get it from ZZP. Everyone was saying they would be no longer making them so I sourced one gently used. Its not on the guy though, he shipped it the same day with tracking information. he was closer than ZZP actually lol and they are in MI too.
Well, they were until the RPMact was reintroduced.
Not gonna keep the cat just in case?
In case of what?
You need it in the future. Laws are changing.
Was gonna ask what undershield (red and black)you had from your 1st photos when you did the coil and v3.3 but later photos revealed it was your garage floor matting lol.
What's the deal with sending your old cat to ZZP? Core return?
Yep they do buy backs: O2 Housing/Downpipe 1.4L

"We are currently offering $60 in store credit to purchase your stock catalytic converter back from you (only the primary cat on the 1.4, not the mid-pipe). If you're interested, take a photo of your stock downpipe and email it to [email protected]. We will provide prepaid shipping labels for domestic (U.S.) shipments. "
I wonder what our cats are worth at the local scrap/recycling center. My bet is more than $60.
oh of course!
1 - 6 of 58 Posts
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