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Im just going to keep this log for my car, as things get added.

How I got it from my parents:

First Mod lol. It was so nasty under it:

Much better, still have to wheel it out where it was rubbing the paint. Full decontamination and paint correction coming.

Snapped a picture while installing MSD, CruzeKit V3.3, and the Big 3.
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And so it begins.
I just want something to knock down the glare from headlights into the mirrors but I’ll post pics when done
I'll have to check it out when you get them done .. So i know where to go for mine. Not sure if the people I used to use re stilll doing it or not and that would be over an hour drive away.
Still waiting on the fork adapters
DANNNGGGG that thing has some tires ..
Fed Ex Fail..... Hope you get it bud .
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also want that tie to be a point at least 2 -3 hours or more after the car has been running .. Cats take a bit to cool off
LOL @MP81 I said the same thing about ant seize ... I do a lot of exhaust component test work .... I ant seize everything that is heated or is in our salty winter conditions..
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he still ha a cat in the car .. just not 2 like it used to have.
no idea when they made changes but as far as I know there is a secondary cat just a short distance behind the motor in front of the resonator
1 - 8 of 58 Posts
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