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I came here to help my daughter figure out what is wrong with her 2014 cruze LT turbo. She has been dealing with mechanics who can't figure it out. I intend to be her hero ;).. Her boyfriend took the cat to a mechanic complaining of an oil leak. The mechanic replaced the valve cover gasket. The oil leak came back. The mechanic couldn't find the leak but replaced the valve cover gasket again and also replaced the "PCV VALVE". Yesterday the car spewed oil all over the right side of the motor, causing the serpentine belt to come off and the car to over heat. I looked at it today. What a mess. Anyway, I googled the issue and came across this forum, where I learned about the PCV issues these cars have. I am guessing that a failed PVC system is causing oil to plow out of the valve cover or possible the hose coming off the intake manifold. Thoughts?
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