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I just joined the cruzetalk site yesterday. I am just catching up on the past history of these engines. Today is one year that I have owned my Premier. It has 6700 miles and I just did my first oil change. I have recently started servicing my 2012 Suburban and my 2014 Challenger at the dealership for simple regular maintenance. They charge the same price as my local mechanic. I'd rather the dealer perform the service. that way they can't blame anyone else for any issues . Tomorrow I will fill up with 89 octane. I've been using 87 and was getting 28-30 mpg average. I bought the car as a daily to/from work driver (40 miles round trip). I don't think I have gone over 80 mph. Don't see any need to beat on it. My Dodge Challenger 5.7 HEMI is the whipping boy! Hoping for the best. If any issues arise in the next 48 months....I'll trade it in and get a Tahoe.
1 - 1 of 133 Posts
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