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Not sure about other states, main problem around here with ethanol is getting a good mix, start off with 80 octane and attempt to boost that to 87 with E10. Also ethanol is heavier than gas and will settle to the bottom of the tank where the input to the fuel pump is.

Read nothing about lifting your car and shaking it first to mix it up. Cruze only got top tier 91 octane fuel, yes, it more expensive, but with improved performance and economy and saving your engine, far cheaper in the long run.

Detonation is the key problem, on the compression stroke, piston is going up, creates heat that ignites low octane fuel. Crank inertia moves that piston up, detonation makes the piston go down, result, piston breaks.

Quick lube? Are they putting dexos in these things? Four bucks more for dexos for a five quart bottle than conventional oil, yet my dealers around here want 40 bucks more! Heck with you, will change it myself. Conventional can't take the heat, congeals and blocks your turbo oil flow.
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