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My first issue with my Cruze

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Wednesday morning I was in Grand Rapids driving Uber people around and my radio (infotainment system) starting powering on and off. I called my dealership that I purchased our '12 Cruze from about 40 days ago and explained the situation. Customer service explained to me that the system is intended to do that so you look at the instrument panel to see what the problem is. My warning came up Stabilitrack so I proceeded to the dealership to have the car looked at. It is certified so the loose/bad power cable was replaced free of charge on the warranty. So first issue resolved was a pleasant experience.

Having put on about 2500 miles I asked the service representative about when I should come in for my first oil change since the car has dexos oil. His recommendation is at 5000 miles. I am wondering if that is a good recommendation?
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Did you purchase a used or a certified pre-owned?

As far as an oil change is concerned, I'll quote @obermd..

"Our OLM is optimistic. Don't go past 7,500 miles. I change my 2012's oil whenever the OLM gets to 40% using the AC Delco semi-synthetic dexos1 blend."

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