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Would you like to see me document my "build" this year?

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I just thought of something as I was looking at the kit you were looking to buy, it’s to hold the timing belt in place, the 1.4’s have a timing chain and I doubt that is going to move by just changing the valve springs out.

Guess it’s time to keep one gathering info!
I'm pretty sure that's for the LUJ/LUV 1.4L. The one for the 1.8L is different. I compared it to the snap on kit and there identical except for quality and the name of course. :LOL:

From what I understand, as I've have never disassembled a LUJ/LUV specifically, the tools are used to hold the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets in position for disassembly/assembly. From what I'm seeing in my manual, the camshaft sprockets and end caps are removed with a support wrench on the end of the camshaft and a torx bit.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts