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My ZZP gauge pod install.

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Finally got around to installing my ZZP gauge pod. I must say, it fits perfect. Great job, ZZP. All thats left is the wiring. Have to figure out where to connect the dimming/light wire. Im assuming i can tap into some wire right at the switch? Also, Im thinking of using fuse #6 as the switched and #5 as the constant?
Anyway, the most PITA part was getting the factory pillar trim off. Plan on buying a new one and the big clip. I already bought the big clip ahead of time from reading others posts. You'll be lucky if that middle clip tab doesnt break.

Picture below.

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Looks nice. On the 1.6 diesel engine at idle is 15 psi. Pushing the pedal gets me 45 psi peaked. Big difference compared to the gasoline engine.
Diesel don’t have vacuum… I have a proper diesel manifold gauge and a pyrometer. I have the 2.0 diesel and at idle, I am reading 0 or in your case (14.7 aka atmosphere) and when I am at wot I can see 30-32 psi (it has a little tune in it). Factory it was only 20-22 psi.
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